1. To fulfill the requirements and norms as per apex body - MCI
2. To conduct CME Programs and promote research activities
3. Providing infrastructure facilities, planning, designing and maintenance work, Implementation of projects and procurement of equipments. Increasing the intake of medical undergraduate, postgraduate and super-speciality students as well as Nursing and Paramedical courses including reimbursement of fees to SC/ST/OBC categories and grievances redressal

The Department of Health and Family Welfare (Medical Education) is functioning through the following Sections.
1. Medical Education-A Section
2. Medical Education-B Section
3. Indian System of Medicine & Drugs Control Section
4. Internal Financial Adviser’s Opinion Section
5. Internal Financial Adviser’s Budget Section
6. Legal Cell. 7. Receipt and Issue Section

Medical Education Section A and B dealt with Service matters, Salary, Purchase of Equipments, Medicines, Chemicals , Construction of Buildings, release of Grants, issue of Administrative Approval, Tenders, Audit paras Court, Administrative Tribunal, Lokayukta, Right to Information Act, Human Rights Commission matters of above department & Institutes. Legislative matters, Issue of Essentiality Certificate & Feasibility Certificate, Clinical Facilities, New Affiliation or Increase of Intake of Seats of Private Medical, Dental, Para Medical & Nursing Colleges in Bangalore , Belgaum Mysore, & Gulbarga Divisions.

Indian Systems of Medicine & Drugs Control Section is dealing with Service matters pertains to Group-A and B Officers of Ayurveda, Yoga, Nature Cure (Naturopathy),.Unani, Sidda & Homeopathy (AYUSH) Dept. and Drugs Control Department, Establishment of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Sidda & Homeopathy Hospitals and colleges.and Pharmacy College

Internal Financial Advisers Opinion Section is assisting for the matters relating to pay fixation. Revision of pay scale, Service and financial matters of the Health & Family Welfare Department and Medical Education Department, 2) Karnataka Civil Services (Time Bound Advancement) Rules, 1983, Karnataka Civil Services (Automatic Grant of Special Promotion to Senior Scale), Rules 1991, Grant of Additional Increment for 20 years of continuous service without promotion, Karnataka Civil Service Rules, Delegation of Powers.

Internal Financial Adviser’s -Budget Section assist for the Matters relating to Budget, Budget Manuals.Karnataka Financial Code.Karnataka Treasury Code,Karnataka Transparency in public procurements Act, 1999 and Rules 2000, Inspection Reports, Audit paras, Draft Paras, of the Accountant General. Comptroller & Auditor General’s report, Public Accounts Matters, Annual Plans & Five years plans, Reconciliation of Accounts of Health and Family Welfare dept and Medical Education Department.

Legal Cell : Common Legal Cell is working for Higher Education, Health & Family welfare Dept. and Medical Education Dept. Giving Legal Opinion, issuing of authorization to Govt. Pleaders, Advocates etc. in respect of all court cases pertaining to these Departments.

Receipts and Issue Section:
Receiving of letters and other communications addressed by designations relating to Health and Family Welfare Department, Medical Education Dept. marking, entering in the letter monitoring system (Numbering) and sending them to the concerned sections, Issue of letters & other communications to the other departments of the secretariat, dispatch of letters through General Dispatch sections, Service matters relating to staff of Health & Family welfare Secretariat,Conduct of Staff Meeting and Monthly Multy level Review meetings etc.,Supply of Stationary to all sections of Health and Family Welfare Departments and Medical Education Departmentand also all Co-ordination matters of Health & Family Welfare Department and Medical Education Department.